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Kelpies Scotland Sunset
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Like Any Photographer i Like To Take a Variety of Photos, So in Here You Will Find An Assortment of Landscapes, Sunsets, Sunrises, Landmarks, Buildings, Automotive, Product, Pet & Whatever Else I Felt Like Pointing a Camera At

My Dog & Adventure Companion


Born in Mid 2016 Lexi is a 6 Year Old Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malemute
From Her Looks its Clear Her Husky Side is More Dominnant But Shes Cute & She Knows it Unfortunatley So She Frequently Use's it To Get What She Wants!
She Does Not However Like To Sit Still For Photos So whenever i Manage to Get one of Her it Feels As Though I Have Achieved a Minor Miracle

Anything With an Engine
Find Me a Photographer Who Doesn't Take The occasional Pic of a Car or Bike and....i Won't Believe You 😛
Lambo Orange
Scottish Motor Festival 2021-4
Scottish Motor Festival 2021
Ive Had These Photos For a Sitting For a While....OK i Admit I Lost The Memory Card They Were on And its Just Recently Turned Up
Product Photography
I’ve Sold More Than a Few Items Online in My Life So Product Photography is Something That Just Sort of Happened Along The Way and it Turns Out I Really Enjoy it, These Ones Were Just Taken For Fun But if Any of The Brands in Them Felt The Need to Hire Me That Would be Acceptable 😛
Hire Me 😛
Angel & buddhas
Joop aftershave cologne flames fire background product Photography
Gurkha kukri knife stabbed into a wooden table - survival knife - product Photography
Calendar Park
BnW Happy Buddha
Product Photography Scotland - tankard mug
Dji mavic drone in flight
Pet Photography
I’ve Always Owned Pets & I Always Took Photos of Them, Which Eventually Turned into Me Taking Photos of Other Peoples Pets and For Serious Pet Owners, Smartphone Quality Photos Just Don’t Make The Cut!
Old English bulldog - Dog Photography Scotland - Pet Photography
White and black house cat laying down - pet cat Photography
Old English bulldog - Dog Photography Scotland - Pet Photography
General Gallery
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